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Wireless Surround Speakers

These speakers are for the budgeted customer who just needs to get a considerably good quality of audio output, not comparable to more sophisticated and costly higher end models in any way, though. For the price, they are a nice pair of speakers that are capable of delivering what the average user exactly wants. They can be considered good speakers for enhancing the volume output of laptops as it is very low in most of them. These also form the best pair of speakers for students as they are compact and cheap. A student may even not need very loud speakers if in a dorm and hence they serve the purpose well.

The ease of use of the speakers is worth taking a note as it is simply plug n use. All it needs is to be connected to the power output and the computer to give quality service. Since it is a pair of basic speakers, there is no subwoofer and the user does not have to connect the bulky transformer to the power like it is required for most of the speakers as the transformer is integrated into one of the speakers. The grill of the speakers is made of metal and hence has a higher life when compared to those made of fabric. The size of the speakers is small and that makes it convenient to place them wherever one wishes to. They can easily fit in any corner where space is a constraint.

The length of the cables is sufficiently long and it is convenient to place them far from the power switch because of the same reason. The finish of the speakers is also satisfactory and well above what one can expect from speakers of this price. The controls like the power button and the volume up/down button are conveniently placed and have good sensitivity. The headphone jack is also located on the outward side of the speaker (more - http://waterproof-speakers.net/). The functioning of the speakers is good for such a low end unit as the volume limit is pleasing and so is the sound quality. Though the sound cannot be compared to that of higher end speakers, it is good enough to be heard in an average sized room.

The audio is found to be distorted at higher volume levels and the bass of the speakers does not meet the expectations of the user. The speakers are light in weight making it easy to tip them over. There is a humming sound the user can hear when there is nothing playing. Since the speakers are very basic, they can just be used where the volume is terribly low as the speakers' volume is not very high. They can mostly be used to hear YouTube videos and playing music with them is not an apt application. They cannot even be used at a party as the volume is not loud enough and the sound quality does not match that has to be played at such places.

The speakers are good for small indoor applications and seeing that they come for around ten bucks, there is no other speaker system that can beat them.

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